How to survive a rainy day (and be all the better for it)

How to survive a rainy day (and be all the better for it) - “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” – a Scandinavian saying, and those Scandinavians sure have their fair share of undesirable weather! So pull on your wellies, waterproof coats and trousers, grab a brolly and stomp stomp stomp!

- It’s just water, it dries! You will dry, take out a bag with a small towel and some fresh clothes for little ones so if they get uncomfortable you can do a quick change on the way home.

- Try not to let the rain change your plans. You may find you have a different experience of a place in the rain. It is almost certain to be quieter and you may have your very own secret special adventure!

- Once they get used to the idea kids just love playing in the rain. They may seem uncertain at first (mainly due to the negative connotations us grown ups pass on to them about rain) but give them 5 minutes and you will see pure joy and a sense of freedom take over!

- Let go yourself, show your kids that weather is something to enjoy and embrace, not to hide away from!

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