How to Store your Fruit and Veg to make it Last Much Longer

How to Store your Fruit and Veg to make it Last Much Longer

Are you storing your fruit and veg in the right way? If you charge through your fruit and veg at a rate of knots you probably don’t need to worry about this, but if you are sick of seeing wrinkly beetroots and berries growing green beards in your fridge you are probably doing a few things wrong.

Never throw fruit and veg away again with these handy hints:

Beetroots, carrots and parsnips will go floppy if they are left with their foliage on. Chop it off and keep in fridge. (Wrap in a moist tea cloth for extra lastiness.)

Washing berries before putting in the fridge takes off one of their vital layers and they will go mouldy much quicker. Store in the fridge and wash just before use.

The idea of a bustling fruit bowl is an appealing one- but it makes the fruit rot much quicker. Store fruit in separate containers so they are not impacted by the other fruit’s bad wind. (Ethylene.)

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