How to sleep without fears

How to sleep without fears

I am not dreading criminals in my daily life. But I have fears. I have experienced fears related to work, family, health, finance and many smaller issues as well. I have feared a lot. I reckon because I have lost many dear relatives and friends recently. I now understand that when I let fears take a better of me my nights will be dominated by fears as well. Can I detach myself from this dream? I have tried but haven’t been successful before. But understanding the snowball effect here and now makes me confident that I actually can. Also, I have done this before. I saw these falling from high roofs nightmares in my 20s. I got so tired of them that I just forced and psyched myself out of them telling to myself that ‘this is not real, let’s just fly’. And so it happened, the following time the dream came up I simply jumped from the roof and started to fly. Needless to say that the nightmare stopped right there.

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