How to run your commute

How to run your commute

After a winter under wraps, my running legs have been feeling twitchy in their hibernation. The pavements and parks, previously shrouded with mist and drabness, have been glowing with spring and sunshine. And for the first time in months, a run has looked enticing rather than torturous. Plus of course there’s nothing like signing up for a 10-mile race at the end of April – and the fear of humiliation – to get you back out pounding the streets. But to be fair, it’s taken me a while to work out how to squeeze in a run. The obvious early morning and evening slots are full: I already wake up early each morning to work before my three kids are up, and in the evenings, I’m exhausted (or working on this blog). The chief problem with this theory is that I live 11-odd miles from the office where I work four days a week. But I hit upon a plan, and have been running to work once a week since mid-February.

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