How To Redirect Readers To Your New Site

How To Redirect Readers To Your New Site

If you have recently moved your blog over to a self-hosted site, then you will have noticed that any followers you had on will have mysteriously disappeared during the move. Nobody wants that, it takes hard work and time to build up a good following.

Never fear, they are not completely lost. You can get them back. It’s pretty easy to do too!

Step 1:

Install Jetpack on your new site and connect it to your account. (Jetpack is what powers your free WP account!)

Step 2:

Contact WordPress Support. It seems to me that they don’t want you to be able to actually find out how to do this… Took me a while to find it out. Here’s the link ! All you do is send them an email/create a question on the forum and a member of tech support should swap it over for you!

It took a few days for mine to get swapped over, and I never got an email confirming it, but it happened so no complaints here!

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