How to pack a family travel medical kit

How to pack a family travel medical kit

What medicines do you pack when you travel with your kids? For me, plastic bags are a medical essential since our first family trip to Greece.


Our journey home from Greece just before my daughter’s second birthday was horribly memorable. She started vomiting as the plane took off and carried on at intervals throughout the two flights it took to reach Heathrow. Two year-olds aren’t generally very neat at throwing up and it was a messy experience for which we were hopelessly unprepared. The narrow sick bags provided on the plane just weren’t up to the job. By the time we landed in London she, my husband and I were practically naked. We’d peeled off layers of soggy, reeking clothes and stuffed them into our hand luggage without even a plastic bag to put them in. The cabin staff averted their gaze as we left the plane. A visit to our GP a few days later diagnosed tonsillitis. Who knew that a sore throat could make you puke? Certainly not me.

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