How to make your garden a home for wildlife 

How to make your garden a home for wildlife  Have you ever looked at your garden through the eyes of the wildlife that visits it?  Probably not.  You should though!

When I was sitting with my kids deciding what they would grow on their allotment plots this year we talked about which flowers were good for pollinating insects.  This led to a lovely discussion about what it must be like to be a bee, buzzing around all the gardens and deciding which one had the most tempting flowers to visit and take a sip from.

It wasn’t long before we were thinking about our garden through the eyes of other wildlife; what did we have to tempt birds, mice, hedgehogs, frogs, newts and other insects?

This fun role-play got me thinking about how much more we could do to encourage wildlife to visit our garden and make a home there.  Doing this is beneficial on so many levels.  We’ll be helping our native species to thrive and, in some cases, survive; our garden will be healthier as a result; and it’s a fantastic way to get the kids involved and interested in the great outdoors on their doorstep.


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