How To Make Rainbow Cupcakes

Yesterday afternoon the girls were invited to a birthday party, another set of twins in their year turned five!.. FIVE! It seems unbelievable that my girls are nearly that age and I wonder yet again where has the time gone. The mother of the other set of twins has had a bit of a bad run of it of late and had organised the party last minute. It had gone from a little get together in their home, to nearly thirty kids being invited! Personally, I think she is insane, but she is one of those “PROPER” mums who revel in the chaos that this number of children under one room brings.

I however, realising that this was my idea of hell, offered to help out in a more relaxed environment and offered to make cupcakes for the party from the calmness of my own home. Then I ran off when the party was in full swing to go to parents evening, (best excuse EVER!)… Yes I am a chicken!

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