How to make Marshmallows

How to make Marshmallows

Recently I was sent a new cookery book by the lovely people at Parragon called Marshmallow Made Marvellous. Have to say the girls were over the moon and ooed and aahed for at least half an hour over the delicious and creative marshmallow recipes. The book takes you from just the basic recipe through to delights such as Chai Tea and Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Stirrers and one of my personal favourites, Bourbon and Brown Sugar (yes, the alcoholic kind!). How to Make Marshmallows:

We decided to try out Cookies and Cream which sounded relatively straight forward and looked very yummy. s you can see there are quite a lot of steps and the whole thing did take us a few hours. Mainly, I think this was due to our lack of a sugar thermometer!

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