How to make Marshmallow Pops

How to make Marshmallow Pops - Crafts on Sea

As the mother of two small children I’m not remotely ashamed to admit that I spend half my life in Starbucks, caffeine is after all the main part of my healthy balanced diet. The other day in there The Toddler decided that their marshmallow pops were exactly what he needed in his life right now. Now, I’m all in favor of an easy life (especially when it means I get to drink coffee) so I didn’t mind getting tapped up, however I did wonder if I could make these myself at home and shock horror they are super easy. I’m quite happy to munch on these myself but obviously you are welcome to feed them to your kids and I think they would look great at a childrens birthday party.

How to make Marshmallow Pops: You will need…

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