How to make cake pops with children

How to make cake pops with children

We’ve been begging to make cake pops for months now, so when mum finally caved in and purchased a Lakeland cake pop mould we held our breaths, and didn’t quite dare to hope that the little round balls of sugary delight were destined for us! But not only were they headed our way, we were also going to be let free in the kitchen to make them them! (Ever the optimist, our mum).

Here’s How To Make Cake Pops With Children.

Order a pack of basic white modelling clay on a whim. Wonder what you’re going to do with it for a few weeks. Decide to make cake pops, and realise that said clay will make a perfect cake pop stand. Form into a cake pop shape, poke holes in it with a lollipop stick, and leave to dry.

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