How To … Make A D.I.Y. Photo Collage Frame!!

How To … Make A D.I.Y. Photo Collage Frame!!

If anyone else is a Pinterest-aholic like me (follow me here!) and spends hours drooling over gorgeous D.I.Y. projects while secretly thinking to themselves that you’ll never ever actually attempt any of of them… this post is for you.

In a fit of inspiration I ordered a printed set of 48 of my own Instagram photos from Polargram. You can pick your photos from your Instagram account, and it’s quite reasonable – only £12.00 (actually £10.00 at the min there’s a deal on!) for 48 high quality photos printed like Polaroid photos and £6.00 delivery to Ireland! I can’t recommend Polargram highly enough, they were easy to deal with and my photos arrived within a few days of ordering in perfect condition.

If you want to order a set of your own be sure to use the coupon code ‘BLONDESLOVECUPCAKES5′ until the end of March for 5% off.

So I ordered the photos to try to do something creative with them… and for ages I just had them stuck up around my room. Then I dismantled a corkboard I have and decided to use the frame to make a photo collage after seeing something similar on Pinterest.

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