How to look after curly hair

How to look after curly hair You can be forgiven for thinking that as a bald Dad I'd have no idea about hair!

Rumour has it that many many moons ago I did in fact have a full head of hair. Curly hair. Both my daughters have curly hair, and the oldest believes that I'm now bald because I literally gave all my curly hair to her!

Sadly, the childcare lady mistreated both my daughters hair. Each time I picked them up, their hair was a frizzy quantum entanglement. "Quantum"? I mean that it changed every time I looked at had a life of its own.

Some care tips with curly hair seems pretty obvious to me, and should have been obvious to a professional child carer. Such is the sad way, I guess, with old ladies who think they know best. Still, apparently I needed some authority so I marched off to the hairdresser to get some facts.

Mixed with a bit of experience with my 2 curly haired girls, I'm summarised what I picked up in this post.

I hope you find it helpful!

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