How to live a balanced life

How to live a balanced life I was only young when I came up within this acronym, but it has stayed with me every day since.

Weird how some things just follow you through your life, no matter what other things change.

I was (still am) always thinking about things, how to be happier, how to get where I wanted to go in life, how to get that boy to notice me, how to get fit when I couldn’t run more than 100 metres without stopping for breath etc…. and my mind is still switched on permanently (if anyone out there has the OFF switch, can you lend it to me!).

It was in one of my sleepless nights that I started to think that it must all be easier really – why make things hard for myself – just a few focused thoughts on the day would make me appreciate what I had achieved, focus me for the following day, and sort of say goodnight to the day.

It has worked for me every day since, and I am sharing it with you now.

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