How to holiday like a Pro

How to holiday like a Pro

You spend the day packing with 2 overexcited kids. Trying your damnedest to remember the 1 billion things that are vital....formula/steriliser/umbrella fold pushchair (that they will hate being in and never nap, but don’t worry it will probably get lost/broken on the plane anyway), 1000000 jars of baby food in case your baby doesn’t like Turkish baby food, 25 teddies they can’t sleep without, things to keep them amused while flying (you may as well just take that colouring book and throw it in the bin now) You then have to put the kids to bed for 3 hours before waking them up to drive to the airport at 12am. Kids love having no sleep, right? Mine are always such a delight when overtired. Wait 3 hours at the airport before your 4 hour flight. Kids love waiting hours for things, right? You now have to spend they day with 2 overtired overexcited kids who are determined to have an accident by the pool/ drown in the sea/ get horribly sunburnt. Repeat 7-14 times then fly home. When you get home completely exhausted and £4k lighter take a look at my guide to having an amazing holiday at home!

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