How to get your child to eat vegetables

How to get your child to eat vegetables

My toddler, aged two and a half, hates vegetables. If he tastes the teeniest slither of pea, he actually picks it out of his mouth. It’s quite astonishing to watch.

When I serve him his meals, he pushes anything that looks like a vegetable to the side of his plate with a firm, ‘No, don’t like it.’ (Or sometimes he pushes them off his plate.)

And while he has been known to eat a floret of broccoli, those occasions are so few and far between that they are still talked of in our house in hushed tones.

These are the vegetables he will eat: cucumber, raw carrot, and potato, but only in the form of chips and waffles. He will also eat mashed potato as long as it contains cream cheese.

The only other vegetables he consumes are if they’re hidden in a homemade puréed tomato pasta sauce, but this of course no longer resembles a vegetable in any way.

It’s all the more alien to me because I’m a massive veg fan, and chomped them with gusto while pregnant with him.

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