How to get ready for a Christmas party in 10 minutes

How to get ready for a Christmas party in 10 minutes

With the festive season approaching, you may be planning on attending a few parties, and I was reading a lovely blog this morning with some really good tips for getting ready when you don't feel like bothering.

But for those of you who find yourself knee deep in nappies with 15 minutes to go, I'm going to let you in on my beauty secrets.

So this is a *slightly* tongue in cheek guide to getting ready for a Christmas Party in just 10 minutes…..

It does involve some advance planning:


In the morning, just in case of last minute child- related interruptions.


If it's high maintenance like mine, you might need to got to the hairdresser while the little darlings are in school, or attack it with a GHD on the morning and avoid drizzle thereafter....


I do try and remember to cut my nails. But I know some of you actually like to paint them, so you might want to do this earlier too.

This is what you will need for your ten minute plan:

Baby Wipes - the ultimate solution for freshening up in a hurry. Just remember the deodorant as well. 1 minute.

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