How to find family travel insurance

How to find family travel insurance - Mums do travel

If you’re travelling abroad with your family then it’s really important to make sure you have decent travel insurancenofollow. It doesn’t really cost very much but the cost of not having it could be huge. 48% of people don’t realise that without travel insurance they’re liable to pay for their own medical bills abroad. Such bills can be huge –  an air ambulance from the Canary Islands to the UK can cost between £12,000 to £16,000.


I’ve actually been flown back from Italy twice by my holiday insurers and really appreciate the help they gave me. Both times were life-or-death family emergencies which meant we had to fly home immediately. Both times were horrendous but without insurance would have been so much worse. I hope that nothing like this ever happens to you but if it does then I hope that you’re insured.

Family travel insurance

I’m looking into renewing our family travel insurance policy at the moment. Here are my tips to help you find the best policy

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