How to fail at toilet training. Repeatedly.

How to fail at toilet training. Repeatedly. My daughter is wonderfully independent.

When we went to baby massage classes as all the other babies looked for their mothers reassurance my daughter tried to crawl to the other side of the room and stand up.

The first time I took her to playgroup she walked off and didn’t look back, her settling in period with the childminder took all of 5 minutes before she skipped off calling the childminder mummy.

I joked that she was desperate to get away from me.

Thank God for baby led weaning – no one managed to get a spoon anywhere near her mouth.

My daughter is clever, bright and funny, she will be 3 years old this month and I have absolutely no control over her whatsoever.

For a year now potty training has been a niggling thorn in my side. Friend’s children were ‘done’ at 2 but I was desperate to not be the competitive mum. To be happy whatever happened. To not put pressure on me or her.

Which you must admit is a lovely idea.

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