How to Fail At Halloween

How to Fail At Halloween

Are you all ready for Halloween? Of course you are, you are all fabulous organised parents who are putting the final touches to your spider cupcakes while you read this. Me- yeah, I got it covered.....

How To Fail At Halloween

1) Forget to buy a pumpkin. The only three left in your supermarket have big squashy holes that smell bad. Drive to every shop in a ten mile radius, find one in a corner shop. Pay excessive amount for it.

2) Carve a pumpkin so badly your kids are ashamed to put it in the window. The insult is all the harder to bear because you almost needed stitches as a result of bad knifemanship. And the entire house smells of burnt pumpkin seeds, because you tried to make a nutritious snack but forgot they were in the oven until the smoke alarm went off. - See more at:

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