How to Fail At Camping

How to Fail At Camping So you have agreed to go camping. You have done it before, and it was a near catastrophic event, but like child birth, you forget just how painful it can be and decide optimistically to do it again. The morning you are due to you leave you look for your tent, and cannot find it anywhere. Eventually it turns up in a corner of the garage, loose and mouldy. You couldn't get it back in the bag last time you camped, meant to have another go at home, but as soon as you got in the door you forgot the tent even existed. You still can't get it into its bag, but manage to cram it into a giant carrier from Ikea. That will do. Repeat the above for sleeping bags, and mattresses. In fact have to resort to buying new, cheap mattress, because the all singing, all dancing, inflates itself one you spent a fortune on last year has vanished. Set off for campsite, late, and grumpy.

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