How to drive in Sicily

How to drive in Sicily

It’s possible that I’m not fully qualified to write this post because I’ve never actually driven in Sicily. I’ve been driven in Sicily a lot though, most recently by my husband on our family holiday there this summer. From my position as a passenger, I’ve learnt the following.


Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean. It’s bigger than Wales and has many amazing things to see. If you’re staying in one place and plan to whizz around and see the main sites then think again – unless you want to spend most of your trip in the car.


Sicily is a volcanic island, home to Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano. There are frequent little earthquakes and these can affect the roads. Sometimes you’ll be driving along a road which seems perfectly fine until suddenly it isn’t there any more because part of it has escaped down the hillside. Sometimes you come across places like this with no warning and at other times there will be a warning in the form of a pile of earth on the road in front of you.

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