How To: Check If Your Blog Is Being Copied Online

How To: Check If Your Blog Is Being Copied Online

After a Twitter conversation a few weeks ago with another blogger (the lovely Avril from Blushful Beauty) about people copying other blogger’s content and passing it off as their own, I started thinking about my own blog and what I would do if someone was copying my work. What do you do if someone is stealing your content and pretending it’s theirs? What result does that have on your own blog? How do you stop the scoundrels? Actually, how do you even find out if it’s happening to you? So I did some research to find the answers and decided to write a blog post for other bloggers who might be in need of the info too!

Personally, I think it’s useful to include a disclosure policy (see mine here) on your blog so that those who may want to use your images/content on their own blog know that they need to ask for your permission first and include a link back to your blog. It’s nice to be nice and all that jazz!

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