How to celebrate New Year with kids

How to celebrate New Year with kids

So. Here we are. New Years Eve. You have downgraded year-on-year from wild parties and Capital city fireworks, to champagne and canapes at home. You no longer celebrate with alpine ski breaks, and there was even one, dismal New Year that saw you force down half a bottle of champagne around 10pm and then collapse in bed, awaiting the early cries of  of the newborn baby. You can’t get a babysitter or a taxi. I am no longer placated with an early night – I want in on the party! Kids have changed the way you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

For anyone facing the prospect of keeping the kids busy during the party, here’s a thought: include us in it! ‘Gah!,’ you think. ‘What an awful idea!’ But it seems my luck is in this year; my nagging has paid off, and M&D are allowing me to stay up and join in – for a while at least. Here is the plan:

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Bonne Année!

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