How to Bring Science to Life & Take Literacy Outdoors.

How to Bring Science to Life & Take Literacy Outdoors.

I love the fact that in our home school there are few boundaries, few restrictions. The boys don't have to read a text, complete a worksheet and then move on, because they are free to explore. They can take an idea to its logical conclusion or zoom off on a wild tangent. Whatever makes them happy, whatever keeps them keen. My job is to plant the seeds and watch which ones take root and feed them until they are as big and strong as killer triffids.

Today, amongst many other things, we looked at the life cycle of plants. In Theo's text book, which we follow to keep us grounded, the subject was rather dry. We read about the topic and looked at a detailed diagram of an insect pollinated flower. It was interesting but I sensed that the information might not be retained by simply copying out the diagram. Instead I threw down the educational gauntlet and asked the boys to make a 3D model of a flower with all its parts.

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