How to be ill - a children's guide

How to be ill - a children's guide

You might think that being ill is just one of those things that happens. Yeah, right. Life ‘just happens’ to losers, and being ill is a groove that you can work to startling effect with a bit of creative energy.

1. Please - and this is the critical part - ensure that you don’t make the classic mistake of getting infected at the same time as your siblings. Who wants to share the sympathy, after all? Still less relinquish control of the sofa and tv controller? Besides there is really nothing that parents like better than patching together ever more desperate childcare plans to try and paper over the fact they have already taken approximately 6 weeks off this year to ‘work at home’ covering many various mystery illnesses. Ok, so the child who falls ill first in the family domino scenario will doubtlessly engage the most sympathy from their parents - and also the biscuit stocks will be higher - but this is a risk worth taking.

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