How To Be A Green Parent (And Save Money!)

How To Be A Green Parent (And Save Money!)

This week is Climate Week and in recognition of this I thought I’d share some tips on how to be a green parent. The great thing about these tips is that as well as helping the planet, you’ll save yourself some money too.

The following green parenting tips are by no means prescriptive. The thing I’ve learned most about being a parent is that you have to do whatever works for you. These things work for us – maybe some of them might work for you too, but if they don’t then that’s ok! It is hard being a parent, and sometimes it feels that others are judging you on your parenting decisions (breast vs. bottle; dummy vs. non-dummy; the list is never ending) so the last thing I’d want is for anyone to feel like they’re being judged just because your kid wears disposable nappies or has a thing for plastic dolls!

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