How Sweet to be a Cloud|Photo Post

How Sweet to be a Cloud|Photo Post So clouds? Oh those white or gray fluffy things in the sky which we have way to many of in England! Yes. Exactly. Those things. And maybe this is a bit of a dull thing to have a whole post about. Honestly, I've never really been one to take in what the clouds are doing at any given time and I'm certainly not one to understand what that demonstrates scientifically or in terms of the weather. At this point you can just stop reading and look at the pictures if you want but I just want to write a few things about why on earth I'm filling my new blog with pictures of clouds. Its really been a combination of two things: Its mainly just been taking more interest in photographing what I see has naturally lead me to notice, and therefore try to capture, more detail in the world and particularly in those parts of it which we tend to ignore because we see them so much.

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