How Super is Super Nanny Parenting?

Guest Post: How Super is Super Nanny Parenting?

his is a guest post by Jane Evans, a parenting specialist and trainer. You can find more information on Jane at the end of the post. Super Nanny first appeared on our screens in 2004 and since then has gone on to have a major influence on how children are raised in the UK and the USA and indeed has a global audience. It revolves around the use of the ‘naughty step’ or ‘one strike and you are out!’ for ‘unacceptable’ behaviour and reward charts for all the acceptable, ‘good jobs’. Sounds reasonable given that the basis for centuries of child-rearing has stemmed from, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ but where is the research and science which shows us that this is the most beneficial thing to do for our children? In contrast to this traditional behaviour based approach, which relies heavily on the idea of controlling and training a child to do as they are told too, there is plenty of brain science and research to make it clear that children do far better when we can engage their thinking brain and work with them to explore emotional states.

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