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How Not to Blow Your Loan ~ Life and Times of a Student When people move to university many are overwhelmed with the sudden idea of living independently. I know I was, and I feel even less ready to move into a house this year where my housemates and I are in control of bills - well one bill but that's scary enough. But you need not worry, providing you've got your head screwed on and you know how to use a calculator, with the help of some nifty advice, you'll be well on your way to having some left over pennies (and hopefully some £1's too) at the end of each semester.

Your loan isn't free It's called a loan for a reason. Whilst the money we've been given is so huge that the chances of us paying it back before we die are slim, it's no excuse to waste it on clothes, takeaways and drunken expenses. Living independently means, quite vitally, that you actually need to live. Work out a weekly budget and do everything in your power to stick to it. And remember not to spend it all in the first few weeks!

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