How much did my doctors save by making me panic?

How much did my doctors save by making me panic?

Dear doctors/NHS/PCT or whoever thanks for swapping my tablets. Thanks very much for not explaining why. Thanks even more for not even mentioning it and causing me to panic thinking it must be a mistake, be my dyslexic handwriting was to blame. What on earth is this medicine written on my repeat prescription? It’s certainly not an actual repeat!

Male readers be warned, period talk!

I take contraception as bleeding control. I bleed at random times and for prolonged *periods* of time. My periods are two weeks to about three months apart, I can’t guess when, I can’t plan things – I never know when it’s going to be a bad time. This would be unpleasant for any woman I’m sure. But for me, with an extreme phobia due to nearly dying of erm, female bleeding issues, it’s pretty hellish. I’ve been on cerazette for 4 years. Shortly before being put on these I bleed so badly I was taken to hospital in blood stained clothing. Staff believed I was having a miscarriage and kept doing/asking various things relating to that. I wasn’t pregnant – my body really is that wrong.

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