How I would run public transport!

I become increasingly more grumpy in my old age and have devised a plan for how I would run public transport if the powers that be would give me the chance – it is for everyones benefit I promise!

Following a crowded tube journey into London yesterday I have come to the decision that there should be a selection of carriages where you sit according to a series of criteria. Nothing to do with race or religion just my sanity and the comfort of others!

So these groups of people would get a coach for themselves as a group :-

1. Women coated in the smell of cheap nasty perfume and fake tan – I really don’t need to have my nose assaulted by the smell of the supermarket brand perfume you use to mask the smell of you smoking! And girls nothing that smells as bad as Poundland fake tan, can possible be doing your skin any good at all! You smell god awful, your skin is wilty under the weight of the tan and foundation and the tide mark round your chin makes you look like a dirty cheesy whatist! Seriously!

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