How I Discovered The Real Ramadan - Expatlog

How I Discovered The Real Ramadan - Expatlog The reality is that hunger comes and goes in waves, then passes. The first days are tough. The temptation to distract yourself with Facebook or Columbo re-runs (*looks around* ‘What? Is that just me?’) is strong as energy levels plummet and concentration eludes you, intermittant as a blinking light bulb. But distractions obscure what Ramadan can teach us. Now is the time for all the quiet contemplation our busy lives ordinarily deny us.

It takes a couple of days for the headclamp of caffeine-withdrawal to subside and your body to start producing the endorphins that keep your energy up, and this never happens if you sleep through the mornings and gorge yourself on greasy, sugary food during the non-fasting hours...

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