How green is my Christmas Tree?

How green is my Christmas Tree?

The argument about which is more environmentally friendly - an artificial Vs a real Christmas Tree rages on each year. Some argue that because a fake tree is re-used year after year, that it's better for the environment, while others believe the chemicals and air miles to produce them and ship them to stores means they are not green.

I have to admit, we have both - a small coloured fake tree in my daughter's room which she helps to decorate, and which I picked up a couple of years back in a charity shop, and a big real tree in the living room.

Personally, I believe that real trees are more eco friendly. In reality, artificial trees are used on average for between 6 and 9 years before they end up in landfill where they fail to biodegrade. They are also mostly made in the Far East and transported here for sale. Production involves the use of petrochemicals, PVA, metals and in some cases, lead.

Real trees on the other hand, use about 10 times fewer materials and take 5 times less energy to produce than fake trees.

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