How does your garden grow? - Summer Hol's Edition, Part 1

How does your garden grow? - Summer Hol's Edition, Part1 Over at Mrs Fox’s HQ the garden and allotment, have been doing well due mostly to the sensational weather rather than my diligence. We have been reaping the rewards with yummy, scrummy fresh food. Today I cancelled my Abel and Cole order for the next 4 weeks; "Yes!" I love it when I get to this time of year.

I am a more dedicated gardener when the reward is food. Although, I have to say, my allotment is anything but pretty, unlike Mamasauras’ grandad’s veggie garden, which is a sight to behold. My newest little herb patch is perhaps the prettiest thing to look at.

I think it really important to teach my children where their food comes from, as well as introduce them to the wonderful tastes of unadulterated fresh fruit and veggies. I blog more about that here, on a post where you can also win a copy of Belle & Boo And The Yummy Scrummy Day.

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