How does your garden grow?

'Sairy, Sairy quite contrary, how does your garden grow?' 'With moss and clover and daisies. And stinging nettles all in a row.'

(FYI, you don't have permission to call me 'Sairy', it's just a bit of artistic licence for the purposes of this post.)

I love our garden. It's bigger than most (although a VERY funny shape) and it's got lots of lovely trees, which give us some really beautiful blossom. But it's a bit, er, UNKEMPT.

When we moved in nine years ago, we ripped out some overgrown hedges at the back, put in a new fence and a bit more grass. And that was it.

We have no flowerbeds. We invest precisely no love in our garden. It just does its own thing.

At this point I'd like to mention my great blogging friend Suzanne from 3 Children and It. Suzanne and I have a lot in common, so much so in fact we are blog twins.

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