How Does your Garden Grow #5 Pretty Things

How Does your Garden Grow #5 Pretty Things

Well, I am still utterly loving my amazing garden. One of the perks of living on this farm, is the garden we have taken on from my in laws. As this is our first year in the house, I’m really just watching it grow through the season, to see what’s in the garden, and how we use it. I’ve only really taken on the greenhouse and added a couple of raised veg beds – other than that, it’s all been left (bar a bit of weeding).

I have hacked the Buddlehia a couple of times, as it was preventing access to the Raspberries! I don’t think we’ve done it any harm though, judging by the beautiful blooms it’s showing off this week! Can’t wait to see all the butterflies come – I’ll be stalking them out with my camera in hand!

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