How Do You Parent Your Toddler?

How Do You Parent Your Toddler?

Quite often, she wants to sit on my lap, hold my hands, and climb all over me, pull me over, kick me in the face, pull my glasses off. It's not enough to have a hug; she needs to be clambering all over me. Sometimes she needs me to get out of my chair so that she can sit in it.

There is a lot of crying over things I don't understand. Perhaps I've put the plate down in the wrong place for lunch, or the wrong show is on TV, or she wants me to cuddle her and I'm not, or she wants me to get lost when I'm cuddling her. She has discovered that sort of grizzle that just makes you want to reach for the ear plugs, and she does it a lot. 

At the moment, at least once a day I am finding myself in the kitchen, taking deep breaths. I spend a lot of time saying, "I don't know what you want, show me what you want!"

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