How Do You Loo?

How Do You Loo?

It's a delicate issue and not one I've discussed previously on the blog, but as no topic is off-limits, here are my thoughts on using public toilets as a female of the species...

As I'm out and about quite a lot, the need to pay a visit to a public toilet from time to time is a necessary evil. Personally, I'd much rather cross my legs and wait until I arrive home, but this isn't always practical and apparently it's not good for your kidneys.

I have been known to turn and walk away if I don't find the facilities up to scratch and I'm not a fan of the mixed-gender toilets that seem to be springing up in coffee shops all over the UK. I had the misfortune to use one earlier this week and how did I know that a man had been in there before me? The blasted seat was up! Maybe they should invest in one of these... see picture above!

There's always a small whoop of joy when you spot a public loo that's clean, has adequate toilet paper and smells fresh (I'm thinking M&S and Selfridges). And a pang of disappointment when...

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