How Comic Relief is creating lasting change for women

How Comic Relief is creating lasting change for women

Society has come a long way since the days of Emily Pankhurst and the Suffragettes. Here in the UK, women are able to have their independence, vote and have a career outside of the home if they choose to. Women are free to start their own businesses and some may be the main breadwinners for their families. We’ve even had a female Prime Minister.

But not all women have it as good as we do here. In Tanzania for example, a lack of education leaves women without essential literacy and numeracy skills. They also find it much harder to access loans or finance to set up in business, and tend to face challenges such as harassment and demands for bribes from police and officials.

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Tanya, Annie and Penny – the 3 dynamos behind Team Honk, which brings together bloggers from across the country to raise money and awareness for Comic Relief – are in Tanzania finding out how donations last year have created lasting change for women, their families and communities and beyond - rippling out to the rest of Africa.

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