How Andy Murray Won Wimbledon

How Andy Murray Won Wimbledon

It seems that a certain Mr Andy Murray has won Wimbledon 2013, 77 years after Fred Perry lifted the trophy. It’s the opening headline on the national news, there’s debate (obviously) whether he’ll be Sir Andy at Christmas and all we need now is news of a Royal baby later this evening and the country will be back at Olympic fever pitch in the blink of a rather hot eye. The thing is, I know how Andy Murray won Wimbledon – so does Mary from Keynko - he had a little extra help.

Help???? No, nothing dodgy at all. However, whilst some of his younger fans had retreated from the heat and the paddling pool to watch him play, one of them realised that Andy might just need a little bit of help. He had a word, made a call and instantly, a contingent of Cheetahs were despatched to Centre Court at Wimbledon. They were there, in the blistering heat, just to give Andy a bit of extra support, exactly when he needed it.

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