Housework - whose job is it anyway?

Housework - whose job is it anyway?

The division of labour within the household is something that seems to vary astonishingly between modern families, not necessarily along the lines that you would expect. It amazes me that some women I talk to are still entirely responsible for the kids, the washing, the cleaning, the cooking, the appointments, the maintenance and all the other things which go along with running a family home.

A a parent, there are two things which I have discovered about housework. One is that cleanliness is all a question of perception. It depends on whether you are a little bit OCD or prepared to accept that your house is never going to look a like a show home or an advert for Cillit Bang.

Secondly, who does what should always be up for debate. There is no biological reason why a household task should be labelled male or female, be it putting out the bins or washing the floor.

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