HOTW #7...Birthday, Boats, Wine & Taylor Swift!

HOTW #7...Birthday, Boats, Wine & Taylor Swift!

In true Lady fashion, my 30th birthday celebrations finally came to a close this week (four months after my actual birthday!) when we saw Taylor Swift in concert at the O2. The tickets were a gift from our good friend Martin (who always spoils us) and what an awesome night out it turned out to be, so much so that it has definitely topped the list at being my Highlight of the Week!

Taylor Swift was simply fabulous. Her album Red is brilliant and to see it performed live was amazing. The show was jam packed with glitz and energy with stunning outfits (Hollywood Glamour & her 18th Century Romance dresses were my favourite!) There was even a surprise guest performance with the gorgeous Ellie Goulding who sang Burn with Taylor- it was brilliant!

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