HOTW #17...One of those Nothing Days

HOTW #17...One of those Nothing Days

Last Friday was one of those nothing days. After wasting most of the morning trying to sort out my dodgy eye, the rest of the day, at the time seemed to be a pretty much wasted day.

We went out for breakfast...which we never do. We went for a walk, only around our little town...which we never do. We watched some television in the afternoon (with one eye of course)...which we never do. We mooched about our home, making cups of tea, not really getting an awful lot done...which we never do. The Hubster and I are always busy. He's always studying and I'm always blogging or keeping our home in some sort of livable state. We never do nothing. By the time the evening came, we even ordered a take away...which we never do.

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