HOTW #16...A Egg-cellent Weekend...

HOTW #16...A Egg-cellent Weekend...

Wow. This four day weekend is going by really quickly. We've been super busy seeing our families and pretty much eating and drinking our way through the long weekend. Perfect. Easter for us has changed so much over the years. Similarly with Christmas, we find ourselves in a little lull of traditions. I remember being so excited about Easter when we were young, busting with anticipation at the thought of the Easter bunny bringing us lots of treats, particularly as it was the only time of year that eating chocolate for breakfast and in between meals was acceptable. Yummy.

Dad even found this old photograph of us from one ancient Easter...we could actually hide behind the wall of chocolate eggs we had been given that year! Flash forward twenty-odd years and I find myself rationing my one and only Lindt chocolate bunny throughout the weekend.

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