Hotmilk, Hot Mama !

Hotmilk, Hot Mama !

Our lastest post comes from Jay as she shares her thoughts on being a Hot Mama.

So, I want to chat about something that can be a bit of a breastfeeding taboo. When we are breastfeeding, can our boobs still be sexy?

When I was breastfeeding my first I remember telling my husband that I didn’t even feel like my boobs belonged to ME, they were always about the baby and so I found it really hard for him to look at them in a sexy kind of way, never mind get his hands on them!

This time round, though, I am pleased to say that I have managed to find a way to let my boobs be a way of nurturing, comforting, growing and living my baby but also letting them be a bit sexual and something that can help me feel attractive to and for my husband and also just to help me feel a bit better about myself. (When they are full of milk they look AMAZING!!)

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