Hotel Q&A with… That Adventurer

Hotel Q&A with… That Adventurer That Adventurer is a travel blog which aims to inspire people to try new things and see the adventure in the everyday. And Hannah, the writer behind the blog, has been lucky enough to travel from an early age with her earliest travel memory being climbing up Mount Vesuvius in jelly shoes (remember those?) aged six. Not your usual travel blog, That Adventurer is all about going off the beaten path, living with locals and discovering the real side of a country. It’s about accepting challenges and learning new things whether that be a language, a recipe or a dance, and although the majority of us go on holiday to escape and chill out, maybe it’s time to open our minds and try something new. Hannah is the first adventure blogger to take part in the Hotel Q&A so let’s see what she looks for when she needs some down time and space to relax.

What’s your must have hotel amenity?

I’m pretty easy when it comes to hotels, as long as there’s a bed I’m good! However, a kettle with some tea and coffee goes down really well!

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