Hotel-Pension Bleckmann, Vienna

Hotel-Pension Bleckmann, Vienna

One of the good things about having a big family living in various places around the world is being able to stay with them when on holiday. But when two of them own and run a set of hotels that’s even better.

Hotel-Pension Bleckmann and Hotel Boltzmann in Vienna are owned by my cousins Jennifer and Matthias, and when we’re in Austria for family dos or holidays we are in the very lucky position of being able to stay with them.

In February my boyfriend and I stayed at Hotel Bleckmann, a 3 storey 27 bedroomed property on Währinger Strasse.

The hotel doesn’t do lunch or dinner and is more of a B&B, but they do provide a really great continental breakfast which I find is always so much better in Europe than anywhere else in the world. Every day I shamelessly wolfed into plates and plates of cold meats, crusty rolls, pastries, fruit, eggs and cereals, all washed down with glasses of apple and orange juice. I tend to become an incredible eating machine when breakfast is served in hotels, especially when it includes vast amounts of fresh continental offerings and is part of the room rate.

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