Hotel Chocolat Festive Wreath Review

Hotel Chocolat Festive Wreath Review

We can't have a wreath on our front door- living on a high street means it would just get lampooned by revellers on a Friday night. But this is one wreath that I can have- because it isn't for your front door, it is for your belly!

The Hotel Chocolat Festive Wreath wreath is made with 50% cocoa milk chocolate, with caramel, crunchy cookie bits and hand cut Florentines.

It looks beautiful. With crunchy bits that run all the way through!

And it is totally delicious!! Not too sweet, fabulous texture, and apparently great for sharing. I am not sure I do 'chocolate' and 'sharing', but this is rich enough that you only need a small bit at a time to satisfy that choccy craving- so you never know, I might offer some to somebody else....if they are very lucky! At £21 it is at higher end of what I would normally spend on chocolate, but the quality shines through, and like the whole Hotel Chocolat range, it is beautifully presented making it a wonderfully luxurious gift. - See more at:

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