Hot Cross Bundt

Hot Cross Bundt

When I was a nipper, Easter was all about overindulgence; chocolate eggs, buffets and thanks to my dad, lots of cake. As I've got older, I've binned off the chocolate eggs in favour of big, spiced cakes decorated in accordance with the season. Oh yes, and they often sport a garish fluffy chick - got to have a fluffy chick.

Last year I made my Easter Simnel Bundt. I am my father's daughter alright. It seemed only fitting that this year I make something similar, but with a slightly different theme. I went back to the drawing board. What's my favourite thing about Easter? That's right - hot cross buns. They're spicy, fruity, juicy and sticky, perfect toasted or just buttered, ideal for breakfast, a mid-morning snack or a sweet treat in the evening. Winners eat hot cross buns. You heard it here first.

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